Bond and Levy Projects

- Passing ballot measures for needed revenue is challenging and stressful in the best of times. We help our clients define a project, determine an amount and when to be on the ballot, as well as develop the communications plan and materials needed for a positive outcome.

Strategic Communications

- Winning ballot measures means communicating with taxpayers throughout the year – not just when you need something. We develop communication plans for our clients that they can implement in house or by using our services on an as-needed basis.

Marketing and Public Relations

- Do you have a special project, or new business venture to introduce to a prospective market? We brand your idea and then create the marketing plan, message and materials to help it succeed.

Crisis Communications

- Bad things happen, but they shouldn’t define your organization for years to come. However, if not handled properly, it can prevent a future win at the ballot box. We help our clients navigate and move beyond a crisis and turn around public opinion.

Grassroots Advocacy

– Taxpayers are a powerful tool in communicating your needs to policy makers. We help our clients organize their communities to advocate and achieve their strategic objectives.